Published Video Games



UEFA Euro 2008

Olympia Stadium

  • I created detail elements for all stadiums in the game ( lighting rigs, flags, railings, sideline details and crowd splines ).

  • I also created the surrounding environment seen through the gaps in the stadium (buildings, trees, hills).


James Bond Agent Under Fire

Agent Under Fire Props

  • I updated UV's and re-mapped existing props as well as building new elements.

  • I also re-built and re-mapped all the street tile intersections for the Hong Kong and Amsterdam levels. The later was cut from the game when "Bond Racing" was combined with a first person shooter to make Agent Under Fire.

Disney Interactive

Disney's Mickey Mouse Toddler

  • I modeled, textured, lit and animated 3D objects to match the 2D background art.

  • Where necessary, I also tracked each 3D element to the animated characters.

Adventures in Typing with Timon and Pumbaa

  • I modeled, textured, lit and animated the stone medallions, keyboards and palm fronds to match the 2D background art.

Jet Black Games

Big Beach Sports 2

  • I modeled, textured, and animated the majority of the environments for all the levels.

  • Because of severe time and budget restrictions, NONE of the levels in this game are anywhere close to publishable in my opinion. I had to do what I could (sometimes as the sole production artist in the studio) with limited time and resources.

  • Started production in Maya and switched to Max part way through.

Neighborhood Games

  • I was asked to rebuild, UV, add new details and texture existing environments for Basketball, Shuffleboard, Baseball, Slingshot, RC Planes, RC Trucks and Water Guns.
  • I rebuilt the city basketball court environment and added the inner courtyard, fire escape, abandoned car and many new textures.

  • For the RC car tracks, I built one and re-purpose the elements to create 2 more tracks.

Imagine Artist

  • I created 3D models for the environments and created the lighting setup in grey scale. I then rendered out each complete grey scale 2D element ( ex. wall, floor, columns, easel wood) for the art director to tint and texture in Photoshop to complete the illustrations faster.

Published Games