Interior Design

Das Baumhaus

  • I was hired by the founders to provide designs and visualize the over all project in 3D architectural renders. Phase one of this space is now open in Berlin, Germany.

  •   I also provided the core idea for the logo.

Industrial Design


  • Ngrain Corp was a company making training aids that ran on pre - smartphone tech ( PDA's ). The images above are polygonal 3DS Max scanline renders except for the Jet engine which is a screen capture of the parts in voxel format. Voxels were the delivery format for the end product running realtime models in software render.
  • I was part of the modeling/texturing team that went to the client location to photo document each part (down to nut and bolt) for each project.
  • Once back at the office I used the photo and video reference to recreate each part.
  • For the Griffon helicopter project, I was tasked with merging the flight controls mesh assembly with the assembly of the flight control blades. Once complete I animated the full assembly showing stick rotation and its affect on the rotor blades.