Independent Feature "Drone"

  • Team member for miniature model construction using 3D printed ABS plastic.
  • I created scratch built foam parts for the flight surfaces and body.
  • Final detailing.

Music video "No Paradise"

  • 2D cut out stop motion style animated music video
  • I directed the photo shoot to create all visual design elements.
  • I created and animated the graphics in Photoshop and 3DS Max.

Miniseries "Blink the Series"

  • I was DP for the 8 part miniseries, "Blink the Series", shot on location in Berlin, Germany.
  • Shot with a Canon DSLR.
  • Currently offline

MTV's "Monster Island"

  • I sculpted large fiber hairs for the on set stunt ant as well as sculpted and prepared fiberglass leg segments.
  • I manufactured stop motion armature parts for the animation team to create the miniature ant models.